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At-Large Heralds in the Outlands

Duties Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Principal Herald White Stag Baron Timothy O'Brien whitestag@outlandsheralds.org
Kingdom Scribe   THL Perryn Coelbrant scribe@outlandsheralds.org
Emergency/Administrative Deputy Palmer THL Erikr Morrison of Thistlekeep palmer@outlandsheralds.org
Duties Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Internal Submissions Castle THL Gauvain Eisenbein castle@outlandsheralds.org
External Submissions Rampart THL Khalidah bint Yahya'a rampart@outlandsheralds.org
Notifications Besom Duchess Selene of the Sky besom@outlandsheralds.org
External Commentary Trefoil THL Erikr Morrison of Thistlekeep trefoil@outlandsheralds.org
External Commentary Liber Master Christopher Devereux liber@outlandsheralds.org
External Commentary Fretty Master Llwyus ap Alan fretty@outlandsheralds.org
Duties Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Precedence Wimble THL Thorvald Thorolfsson wimble@outlandsheralds.org
Roll of Arms Wharrow Lord Warenus de Fulmere wharrow@outlandsheralds.org
Education Weel Master Randal Carrick weel@outlandsheralds.org
OCoH Web Minister THL Æðeluulf Munuc webminister@outlandsheralds.org
Duties Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Queen's Herald
(Traditional Royal Court Herald)
Blue Iris Count Freana Geardson blueiris@outlandsheralds.org
Field Heraldry Plover Lord Ciarán an Brocc plover@outlandsheralds.org
Ceremonies Gimlet Master Duncan Alastair MacRae gimlet@outlandsheralds.org
Heraldic Regalia and Display Stags Attire Baroness Celestina Santi stagsattire@outlandsheralds.org
Silent Heraldry Lord Thurgar Odderson silentherald@outlandsheralds.org
Branch Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Barony of Aarquelle Aarquelle Pursuivant Lord Ragnvaldr of Rendlesham aarquelle@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of al-Barran Scorpion Pursuivant Lady Gráinne Sochair scorpion@outlandsheralds.org
Ben Droigheann (Incipient) Ben Droigheann Pursuivant VACANT  
Shire of Blackwater Keep Blackwater Keep Pursuivant Lord Dómarr Grímsson blackwaterkeep@outlandsheralds.org
College of Blaiddwyn Blaiddwyn Pursuivant VACANT  
Shire of Bryngolau Bryngolau Pursuivant Master Llywus ap Alan bryngolau@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Caer Galen Ray de Soleil Pursuivant Lady Vanozza de Corbetta raydesoleil@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Caerthe Aspen Pursuivant Lady Elaisse Fournier d'Aubigny aspen@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass Rook Pursuivant Lord Marco Paolo d'Este rook@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Draca Mor Draca Mor Pursuivant Baron Ian Raven of Tadcaster dracamor@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Dragonsspine Scalene Pursuivant Duchess Selene of the Sky scalene@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Drygestan Drygestan Pursuivant Lord Alvar Hfrangrim drygestan@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Fontaine dans Sable Black Fountain Pursuivant THL Rowland McCain blackfountain@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Gleann Medonach Gleann Medonach Pursuivant VACANT  
Canton of Hawks Hollow Hawks Hollow Pursuivant VACANT
Shire of Hinterland Hinterland Pursuivant VACANT  
Shire of Nahrun Kabirun Nahrun Kabirun Pursuivant Lady Idunn Hallsdottir nahrunkabirun@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Plattefordham Plattefordham Pursuivant Jared of Plattefordham plattefordham@outlandsheralds.org
Canton of Ravenhyrst Ravenhyrst Pursuivant Lord Faolan O'Lachlain of Galway ravenhyrst@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Rio de las Animas Rio de las Animas Pursuivant Lord Ronan na f-Fiacal mac Connail riodelasanimas@outlandsheralds.org
College of St. Golias St. Golias Pursuivant VACANT  
College of Scola Metallorum Scola Metallorum Pursuivant THL Gauvain Eisenbein scolametallorum@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Unser Hafen Barbican Pursuivant Lord Ruadri mac Batin barbican@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of White Mountain White Mountain Pursuivant Lord Ackbar Ironoak whitemountain@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Windkeep Windkeep Pursuivant Lord Hugh Fletcher windkeep@outlandsheralds.org