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At-Large Heralds in the Outlands


As of 9 September 2023
Duties Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Principal Herald White Stag Magister Æðeluulf munc whitestag@outlandsheralds.org
Kingdom Scribe   THLady Dragoslava Ikonnikova scribe@outlandsheralds.org
Emergency/Administrative Deputy Palmer VACANT palmer@outlandsheralds.org
Duties Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Internal Submissions Gold Castle VACANT castle@outlandsheralds.org
External Submissions Rampart THL Khalidah bint Yahya'a rampart@outlandsheralds.org
Notifications Besom Duchess Selene of the Sky besom@outlandsheralds.org
External Commentary Trefoil VACANT trefoil@outlandsheralds.org
External Commentary Liber VACANT liber@outlandsheralds.org
External Commentary Fretty VACANT fretty@outlandsheralds.org
Duties Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Precedence Wimble THLord Þorvaldr Þórólfsson á Vaksfjall (Thorvald Thorolfsson) wimble@outlandsheralds.org
Roll of Arms Wharrow Meistr Llwyus ap Alan wharrow@outlandsheralds.org
Education Weel Countess Matilda Seton weel@outlandsheralds.org
CoH Web Minister Magister Æðeluulf Munuc (AEthelwulf munuc) webminister@outlandsheralds.org
Duties Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Queen's Herald
(Royal Court Herald)
Blue Iris Countess Matilda Seton blueiris@outlandsheralds.org
Field Heraldry Plover VACANT plover@outlandsheralds.org
Ceremonies Gimlet Duchess Anna MacTaggart gimlet@outlandsheralds.org
Heraldic Regalia and Display Stags Attire VACANT stagsattire@outlandsheralds.org
Silent Heraldry THLady Gráinne Socair silentherald@outlandsheralds.org
Branch Heraldic Title Herald Email Address
Barony of Aarquelle Aarquelle Pursuivant Lord Ragnvaldr of Rendlesham aarquelle@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of al-Barran Scorpion Pursuivant Doña Genoveva Meyer scorpion@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Blackwater Keep Blackwater Keep Pursuivant VACANT blackwaterkeep@outlandsheralds.org
College of Blaiddwyn Blaiddwyn Pursuivant VACANT  
Shire of Bryngolau Bryngolau Pursuivant Meistr Llywus ap Alan bryngolau@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Caer Galen Ray de Soleil Pursuivant Mistress Asta Olafsdottir raydesoleil@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Caerthe Aspen Pursuivant Master Jethro Stille aspen@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass Rook Pursuivant Lord Johan van Horne rook@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Draca Mor Draca Mor Pursuivant Baron Ian Raven of Tadcaster dracamor@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Dragonsspine Scalene Pursuivant Master Timothy O'Brien scalene@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Drygestan Drygestan Pursuivant Baroness Madlen Berntsdochter drygestan@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Fontaine dans Sable Black Fountain Pursuivant Master Duncan Alastair MacRae blackfountain@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Nahrun Kabirun Nahrun Kabirun Pursuivant VACANT nahrunkabirun@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of Rio de las Animas Rio de las Animas Pursuivant Mistress Geua filia Guy riodelasanimas@outlandsheralds.org
College of St. Golias St. Golias Pursuivant Lady Ormrún Hrafnsdóttirr stgolias@outlandsheralds.org
Barony of Unser Hafen Barbican Pursuivant Mu'allima Safiyya bint Faris al-Dani barbican@outlandsheralds.org
Shire of White Mountain White Mountain Pursuivant VACANT  
Shire of Windkeep Windkeep Pursuivant VACANT