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The Outlands College of Heralds has a system of ranks which distinguish the level of achievement of its members. A herald may be titled or untitled. The officers who directly serve a noble (the herald of a Barony, Principality or Kingdom), are titled offices (e.g. Penguin Pursuivant or Sandstorm Herald). The office title usually (but not always) alludes to some feature of the arms of the group. Likewise, the various kingdom deputies in the Outlands College of Heralds are all titled positions. (Per Outlands Handbook for Heraldry v5 Section 4.A)

Messinger-of-Arms (Untitled)
This term indicates a newcomer to heraldry who has shown an interest in the art.
Macer (Untitled)
This is a lower warranted rank in the College of Heralds. It is given after several months of reporting and service and implies a basic knowledge of the arts of heraldry.
Pursuivant (Titled or Untitled)
This rank is attained after having served the College of several years. It implies a thorough knowledge of the workings of heraldry. The herald of a barony usually rises to the rank of Pursuivant.
Herald (Titled or Untitled)
This is a rank usually reserved for kingdom-level heralds or above, or those who have mastered at least one aspect of heraldry and served the kingdom for several years. This rank may be titled.
Herald Extraordinary (Titled or Untitled)
This rank is usually reserved for those heralds who have given to the kingdom through many years of service.
Name Personal Heraldic Title
Artan mac Ailin Black Elk
Fiachra ni Ciardhubhain Sable Unicorn
Juan Balthazar Tegero  
Kathryn of Iveragh (deceased) Ardent
Konrad von Greifswald Escarbuncle
Louis-Phillippe Mitouard Cat's Paw
Marie de Blois Honnestete Plus Que Tout
Meradudd Cethin Dreade Naught
Pendar the Bard (deceased) Musimon
Randal Carrick  
Timothy O'Brien Gold Trumpet
Walter Kempe of Falconhold  
Name Personal Rank
Adam Stedefast Herald
Æðeluulf Munuc Herald
Angus Reid MacFarlane Herald
Anna MacTaggart Herald
Ansteys Darcy Herald
Christopher Devereux Herald
Conrad von Zollern Herald
Duncan Alastair MacRae Herald
Eric Morrison of Thistlekeep Herald
Francesca di Pavia Herald
Furukusu Tatsujirou Masahide Herald
Gauvain Eisenbein Herald
Geua filia Guy Herald
Hagar the Black Herald
Khalidah bint Yahya'a Herald
Llywus al Alan Herald
Matilda Seton Herald
Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh Herald
Sorcha MacLeod Herald
Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg (deceased) Herald
Wyndylyn Leanb na Doinnean Herald
Andrew von Otelingen Pursuivant
Avram ibn Gabirol Pursuivant
Bronwen Blackwell Pursuivant
Carlos Nieto de Andrade Pursuivant
Charles Robert Blackstone Pursuivant
Ciarán Brocc Pursuivant
Connall Mor Mac Nachtan Pursuivant
Eirene Tzimiskina Kontostephanina Pursuivant
Francesco di Napoli Pursuivant
Jago Redbeard Pursuivant
Jethro Stille Pursuivant
Jibra'il 'Attar Pursuivant
Katelin de Irlande Pursuivant
Kiara Loftus Pursuivant
Knut Eldfimr Pursuivant
Mlodn the Merchant Pursuivant
Natal'ia Mechislava Pursuivant
Nikolaos Demetriou ho Toxotes Pursuivant
Petronella Partaszovo Pursuivant
Roderick Conall MacLeod Pursuivant
Rowland Grey of Lincolnshire Pursuivant
Rowland McCain Pursuivant
Searlaith inghean Robeaird Pursuivant
Selene of the Sky Pursuivant
Theresea die Tanzerin Pursuivant
Yasamin al-Hadiyya Pursuivant
Akbar Ironoak Macer
Alexandria Vitalis Macer
Andros Korkyrates Macer
Anzelm Kowalski Macer
Augustine of Tyre Macer
Bjorn Paulsson Macer
Bohemond le Sinistre Macer
Caelan MacKinnon Macer
Carloman Macht Macer
Cecelia Mowbray Macer
Christina McCarty Macer
Ciaran Mac Cormaig Macer
Conall of Stony Ford Macer
Estevan de Sepulveda Macer
Faolan O'Lachain of Galway Macer
Fergus Campbell Macer
Fergus McCain Macer
Gerhardt Drachenmacher Macer
Grellan O'Conchobhair Macer
Gwilim de Glamorgan Macer
Gwilym Sais Macer
Ildaria de Zaragozza Macer
Jeanne-Marie Dubois Macer
Jehennette van Mynden Macer
Josef Pinchas ben Shlomo Pesach Macer
Kristrún Hrafnsdóttir Macer
Madeleine de Seraucourt Macer
Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Macer
Maimuna al-Bukhariyya Macer
Mathilda Lucia Macer
Meliore Gimigna Fioravanti Macer
Odile Balestra Macer
Rivka Vladimirovna Rivkina Macer
Safiyya bint Faris al-Dani Macer
Shoshanah Simkhah Bas Ruven Macer
Thomas Winterbourn of Kent Macer
Warenus de Fulmere Macer
Ymanya Murray Macer
Elizabeth Anne Grene Macer
Lord Ronan na f-fiacal mac Connail Macer
Angel d'Auvergne Messinger
Anise Christine Brightstar Messinger
Celestial Santi Messinger
Charles d'Amour Messinger
Declan Galvin Messinger
Eoin Gallda mac Néill Messinger
Jared of Plattefordham Messinger
Joaquin Alvarez de Castile Messinger
Katherina von Lehmann Messinger
Keridwen Andersdottir Messinger
Maria Sol de Leon Pursuivant
Noelle de Poys Messinger
Séamus MacRae Messinger
Signy von Velden Messinger
Vanozza de Corbetta Messinger
Wulfhramn of Golden Oak Messinger
Isabel la Biche d'Hiver (known as Winter) Messinger
Hardwin Godricson Messinger
Gaston de Sepulveda Messinger
Alamanda de la Roca Messinger
Renate Koven Messinger